Dr Alex Allan: forensic toxicologist at Forensic Access, expert in forensic toxicology, analysis of drugs of abuse & forensic analytical method development

Dr Alex Allan BSc, PhD, FRSC, CChem, CSci, RFP

Specialism: forensic toxicology

Alex is a very experienced Consultant Forensic Toxicologist who has been a practising Forensic Scientist since 1974 apart from a brief interlude in New York in the mid-eighties when he carried out research in Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. He worked in the Forensic Science Service until 1998, both in operational laboratories at Aldermaston, Huntingdon and London but also in research at the Central Research Establishment (CRE) at Aldermaston. At the CRE he carried out research into analytical techniques, particularly mass-spectrometry. He also helped to compile toxicological and mass spectrometry data bases. He produced numerous FSS Technical Notes that were distributed to forensic laboratories worldwide. He was a Registered Forensic Practitioner (until the demise of CRFP in March 2009).

He was one of the founder members of Forensic Alliance Limited and was Head of Toxicology, then Merit Scientist in Toxicology, until the merger with LGC in 2006. He then worked in a similar role in the merged company – LGC Forensics – until his retirement in March 2008.

Alex has carried out numerous complex and high-profile cases and specialises in ensuring that the evidential value of toxicological analyses is explained in a careful and accessible manner for the benefit of the courts. He has carried out cases for the Police, HM Coroners, Solicitors, RAF, RMP, IPCC, private companies and individuals. This has involved all types of toxicology casework including the investigation of deaths by poisoning and describing the effects of drugs and alcohol on individuals in various crimes such as murder, sexual assaults and extortion cases. He has published several papers, presented his work at international conferences and contributed to the publication of reference works and articles in books. Alex is a founder member of ‘Triple A Forensics’ together with Dr Bob Ardrey (q.v) and Pete Ashton. Triple A Forensics was set up in 2008 to use the three members’ extensive expertise to provide consultancy services in forensic toxicology, the analysis of drugs of abuse, analytical method development, training in the theory and utilisation of spectroscopic (particularly mass spectrometry) and chromatographic techniques, and quality aspects of laboratory operation. The company can also call on a number of experienced consultants to expand their range of expertise if required.