April Robson - forensic scientist examiner: examination of items for trace evidence and body fluids and forensic science training at Forensic Access

April Robson

Specialism: examination of items for trace evidence and body fluids; forensic science training

April Robson has an impressive track record as a forensic scientist and now specialises in the forensic aspects of serious crimes, particularly historic case reviews (“cold cases”).

April’s forensic science expertise

April started her career as a Forensic Examiner in the Forensic Science Service in 1990. During this time she was trained and practised in a wide range of forensic search and examination disciplines that laid the foundations for her expertise today.

She then moved on 8 years later, as one of the original founders, to Forensic Alliance where she further developed her specialist forensic examination skills, such as searching and examining items of clothing and weapons involved in major crime cases for trace materials (fibres, glass, paint, hairs) and for body fluids (blood, semen, saliva, etc.). This together with an entrenched knowledge of all forensic biological and chemical examinations allowed the Senior Scientists to work in unison with April with great success in uncovering evidence in many murder trials and indeed locating the minutest of trace evidence that on occasion had been previously overlooked.

Her skills as an experienced Examiner grew to a position where she was in great demand, well recognised in the UK for her abilities, and has a reputation for being the first choice for assisting with the most complex of cases.

As a natural progression it was deemed appropriate to pass on this knowledge to others. With this in mind April became head of the forensic science training team in Forensic Access, developing and delivering forensic science training for new forensic scientist recruits.

From 2006 April was promoted to Technical Adviser in the Major Crime Team and was unique in her application of her skills to assist in the historic case review team (cold cases). Her forensic examination work has contributed significantly to some of the most serous and high profile cases of the last few years.

She has contributed significantly to the success of commercialising the forensic market in the UK and providing an energetic and safe workforce to meet the demands of police contracts. April’s wealth of experience in working on some of the country’s most high profile cases makes her a highly sought-after individual within the forensic science community.