Body Fluids Analysis

Forensic Access scientists have many years of experience of dealing with body fluids across a wide variety of crimes against the person, for example, sexual offences, assaults and murder. The body fluids with which we can help are as follows:

  • blood
  • semen
  • saliva
  • urine
  • faeces

These different body fluids may have been transferred during an incident, to items of clothing, weapons, crime scene objects, or to another person (for example intimately, under fingernails, splashed, etc.). They may also be present on swabs taken by Scenes Of Crimes Officers or Medical Examiners (such as vaginal or penile, or from hands, for example).

Our forensic scientists employ a wide variety of techniques when dealing with cases involving body fluids: from painstaking searches of items, analysing the distribution of materials, recovery of material, to testing to see which type of body fluid material it is, to analysis (for example, DNA profiling). We have our own quality-accredited search and recovery laboratories in Oxfordshire within which we undertake examinations and re-examinations of items. We also offer a full DNA-profiling service.

Like so much of forensic science, finding and analysing body fluids is only the first part of a forensic scientist’s job. Interpreting the results can be the most complex and difficult part of the work, especially if DNA profiling is involved.

The Forensic Access team of forensic biologists have a vast experience of dealing with cases involving body fluids: from crime scene, to laboratory examination and reporting their conclusions to a Court.

Forensic science services for body fluids: semen, vaginal material, blood, saliva - forensic science expertise for assisting with cases involving body fluids

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