Chris Davies - forensic document examiner at Forensic Access, specialising in all aspects of forensic questioned documents (including handwriting comparisons involving Arabic script)

Dr Chris Davies, MA, DPhil

Specialism: questioned documents (including handwriting comparisons involving Arabic script)

Chris studied at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, where he obtained his first degree in Zoology and his D.Phil degree in vertebrate palaeontology. In 1981 he joined the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory where he trained as a Questioned Document Examiner. He worked in the Metropolitan Police Laboratory until 1996 when it was taken over by the Forensic Science Service; he continued to work in the now London Laboratory of the FSS until September 2010.

Chris’ Forensic Science Expertise

Chris has experience in all of the main areas of questioned documents work and has undertaken work in relation to all kinds of crime as well as in civil proceedings. He has been involved in many large or complex enquiries including the appeal of the alleged football hooligans the “Chelsea Headhunters” in 1989; the “Cash for Questions” enquiry in 1997 and the attempt to leak a document relating to the Iraq War in 2006/2007. He was one of the lead questioned document examiners dealing with terrorism cases, especially during the 1990s those involving PIRA. He has a special interest in handwriting comparisons involving Arabic script and has provided evidence in this field in the Lockerbie bombing case, in several recent terrorist cases and in cases involving drug dealing and people trafficking.