Clare Jarman - forensic biologist Forensic Access, specialising in forensic biology, DNA profiling, body fluids (blood, semen, saliva, etc.), blood spatter analysis (BPA), crime scene investigation, murder scene examination and reconstruction

Clare Jarman

Specialism: forensic biology, DNA profiling, blood pattern analysis, murder scene examination and reconstruction

Clare Jarman joined Forensic Access in the role of Principal Forensic Biologist in 2007. She deals with a variety of cases including
reviews of cold cases and appeals on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence. Prior to joining Forensic Access, Clare was an operational senior scientist with Forensic Alliance Ltd and latterly with LGC Forensics. She specialises in investigating homicide crimes and those of a sexual and violent nature, indeed any type of crime in which biological material is involved. Clare deals with many such cases each year and is well versed to presenting her findings in the Old Bailey and other courts.

Clare’s recent cases include: the murder of Heather Barnett, the murder of Catherine and Benjamin Mullany in Antigua, Mark Bridger, Maninder Singh Kholi, Thanos Papalexis, and Ronald Castree (for the murder of Lesley Molseed in 1975).
Clare’s Forensic Science Expertise

  • DNA interpretations including SGM+, DNA SenCE, enhanced 3100 and Low Copy Number (LCN)
  • interpretation of DNA profiling results in the context of a case
  • directing and conducting detailed laboratory work on exhibits and samples, including:
    • body fluids, including blood, semen and saliva
    • the interpretation of damage to clothing and other items
    • the examination of weapons, blunt and sharp, and comparison with damage to clothing
    • recovery of trace evidence
  • examination of crime scenes, especially murder scenes
  • chemical enhancement and interpretation of bloodstain patterns
  • assessment of the significance of scientific findings in the context of the case
  • preparation and presentation of both written and oral evidence to Courts of Law
  • Clare regularly presents accredited CPD sessions to both Barristers and Solicitors and runs training courses in DNA profiling. Clare has lectured extensively to police forces and held workshops on the art of interpreting blood spatter analysis. Using this knowledge in association with her skills in interpreting DNA analysis allows Clare to handle many of the more difficult forensic enquiries and high profile cases.