Forensic Access' biology technical lead, Caroline Crawford, will be delivering our latest webinar 'Comparing Stories. The Case Assessment and Interpretation Approach'. 

During this webinar, we will explore how forensic scientists evaluate scientific evidence and attempt to present it to the court in a useful way.

How do forensic scientists evaluate their results? Is the evidence in keeping with the prosecution case? If so, is there anything else it is in keeping with? The defence case perhaps?

We will discuss good practice and bad practice and hear about some of the reasons that challenges by the defence are important.

With over 20 years’ experience as a forensic scientist, Caroline has gained a wealth of experience in dealing with complex cases for both prosecution and defence. As part of this experience, Caroline has given oral evidence in court, including at the Old Bailey and Court of Appeal.

Caroline’s particular areas of expertise include evaluation of evidence, blood stain pattern analysis, and the transfer and persistence of DNA and body fluids. She regularly lectures to police personnel and holds CPD sessions to both prosecution and defence barristers and solicitors.

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May 26 2022, 6pm

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