Damage to clothing, etc.

Damage to clothing is often investigated as part of assaults against the person, especially in sexual assaults cases. Experienced forensic scientists can examine the damage, usually using microscopy, with the results of their examination possibly helping to determine how that damage occurred thereby corroborating or refuting a particular statement of events during an incident.

Forensic scientists, experienced in investigating damage to clothing, etc. can help to determine:

  • if the damage occurred recently or is older
  • if the damage is more likely to have been the result of being ripped or cut
  • if cut, what sort of instrument could have caused the damage
  • if a suspected weapon exists, could that weapon have caused the damage

Our forensic scientists are very experienced in helping to determine how damage occurred to clothing in a variety of case types.

Damage: the investigation of damage to clothing, etc. in forensic science - expert opinion from Forensic Access - independent forensic scientists

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