Damien Lyall BSc, MSc, MFSSoc

Specialism: forensic biology, DNA, blood spatter, murder scene examination and reconstruction

Damien joined the Metropolitan Laboratory of the Forensic Science Service in 1996. He quickly progressed to Senior Scientist in the biology division working as a lead scientist within the specialist homicide investigation and sexually motivated crime teams. He attended crime scenes both as lead scientist and in support of other scientists in difficult or complex cases. He has carried out work for the IPCC, the MOD and the Security Services and has worked on a diverse range of case types from relatively straightforward cases through to highly complex and sensitive high profile cases.

He was also    heavily involved in the formulation and delivery of advanced Bloodstain    Pattern Analysis Training for operational scientists within the Home Office    and from outside agencies, and also in the training of operational scientists    in courtroom skills, DNA interpretation and the interpretational issues around the chemical enhancement of blood at scenes and in the laboratory. Alongside this specialist scientific training Damien has also provided awareness training on a range of general forensic issues to the Police and to law firms .He is a professional member of the Forensic Science Society, a member of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, and was a Registered Forensic Practitioner from 2002 until the CRFP’s closure in 2009.

Damien’s main areas of expertise:

  • Interpretation of DNA profiling results, including SGM, SGMplus, Low Copy Number DNA and complex mixtures
  • Interpretation of body fluid staining
  • Interpretation of bloodstain patterns at scenes and in the laboratory
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Chemical enhancement of blood at scenes and in the laboratory
  • The examination of weapons and comparison with damage to clothing
  • Case assessment and interpretation/ Bayesian evaluation of evidence
  • Preparing and presenting written and oral evidence to Courts of Law
  • Training

Damien has given oral evidence in many different Crown Courts around London and throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland. Many of these court appearances have been at the Old Bailey.
As well as supporting prosecution laboratories and conducting criminal defence work with Forensic Access, Damien currently delivers lectures to college and university students in the South West on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Bayesian logic and evidence interpretation, DNA and general forensic biology.