Specialism: project management, management, business development

Dave King has had a passion for forensic science since he was at school and has spent much of his career working within the industry.

He started his career as a student working at the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in Wetherby as a forensic chemist. Upon graduation he joined the FSS’ Central Research Establishment at Aldermaston working within the team responsible for creating, running and reporting on internal proficiency tests.

He then went on to work for the National Chemical Emergency Centre for a few years, becoming Head of the Unit and representing the UK at European level and on a long-standing United Nations committee (focussing on chemical safety).

However, forensic science called again when in 2001 Dave joined the fast-growing Forensic Alliance as a project manager, as well as working in customer support and business development. Upon Forensic Alliance’s sale to LGC Dave took a position on the senior management team and then became Head Of Quality for LGC Forensics, before becoming Project Manager for the implementation of LGC’s award of work from the 14 police forces of the North West, South West and Wales in 2008.

On joining Forensic Access Dave became Board member responsible for business development and marketing, and has undertaken key project work. In 2009 Forensic Access won the competitive tender held by the Forensic Science Regulator to act as “Forensics Standards Delivery Programme Coordinator” and Dave was appointed Project Lead. This work was crucial to the development of the now well established Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes Of Practice for all forensic work presented in Court.