Dr Shelina Jilani

Forensic Facial Comparison Expert

A photograph of Dr Shelina Jilani

Dr. Shelina Jilani is one of very few UK-trained forensic experts specialising in the identification and interpretation of human faces.

Her scientific career began with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Forensic and Medical Science from the University of Bradford, followed shortly afterwards by a Master of Science degree in Forensic and Medical Science, also garnered at the University of Bradford. Shelina then went on to obtain a DPhil in Artificial Intelligence, her research focusing on automated ethnicity classification of human face and facial features from a human and Machine Learning (Deep Learning) perspective.

She is the author of numerous published papers, as well as having contributed chapters to books published by CRC Press. Alongside working as a practitioner and providing evidence for both the prosecution and defence, Dr. Jilani is also a visiting lecturer who is well respected internationally. She provides expert advice to many major police forces within the United Kingdom. She is equally skilled in providing assistance to defence solicitors nationwide, of which includes private clients via consultant agencies.

Her professional affiliations include being a UK Coordinator for the Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts (WAWFE), and a Professional Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (MCSFS), the Forensic Imagery Working Group Division (FIWG) and the The Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG). She is also an Associate member of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), as well as the Facial Image Comparison Working Group.

As a forensic facial comparison expert, Dr. Jilani can provide the courts with a technical view, expressed in layman’s terms, as to the quality of the imagery; explaining any artefacts present which may be confusing to the untrained eye. She can also provide opinion on comparison of faces, together with associated apparel, in order to assist the courts.

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