Forensic science for private individuals

Private individuals can access the skills and experience of our forensic scientists, for a range of often difficult and distressing issues – in confidence. We also have a long track record of working with those individuals that are often in the public eye, where discretion and sensitivity is paramount. We also support the more difficult issues that may be contested.

Please Note: We can only take on private enquiries through a qualified intermediary , e.g. solicitor, private investigator. 

We offer a range of services for private individuals providing scientific advice and scrutiny mainly around the topics of infidelity, paternity, drugs and drink/drug driving.

Private Investigations In Cases Where The Police Can’t Help

We are seeing a rise in the number of cases brought to us by private individuals for cases where the Police have said they can no longer help or where the individual(s) / families are not convinced of the conclusions of the Police case. For example, in 2016 we undertook an investigation into a death which the Police had concluded was suicide. The family weren’t convinced and suspected their relative had been murdered. They asked us to re-investigate the death.

Forensic Access can organise all aspects of a private investigation, from simple cases to the most complex. Our expertise isn’t just restricted to forensic disciplines. We can also help with aspects of investigation such as surveillance and reviewing the Police case itself, all the way to assisting with arranging legal representation (we work with a very wide range of solicitors and barristers across the country). Of course, everything we do for you is treated in the strictest confidence.

Contact Us In Total Confidence

So, if you have any query where scientific advice may help or where you require help with a re-investigation, we would be very pleased to hear from you – in total confidence.


Forensics for private individuals - in total confidence