We offer a broad range of outstanding professional services in the area of collision investigation and related services.  Our experts employ a process-driven forensic model, utilising up-to-date technologies, implemented to an exemplary and auditable standard in all work.

We deal with all aspects of collisions involving fatal and serious injuries on the roads network and adopt the following service delivery principles:

  • maintain the integrity and confidentiality of all information;
  • develop open, sustainable and effective relationships with clients and partners;
  • seek, value and act upon feedback through a continuous improvement process;
  • deliver quality products for clients on every occasion;
  • ensure the timely delivery of products.

Our Accident & Collision Investigation Services

  • Post incident investigation
  • Forensic collision investigation
  • Scene examination
  • Vehicle examination
  • Incident reconstruction
  • Professional vehicle testing
  • Vehicle telemetry data acquisition
  • Human factors

All our accident and collision experts are either retired Senior Collision Investigators or Senior Investigating Officers who held at least the rank of Sergeant, well versed in the private arena and will always act to supply you with the highest levels of service and quality.

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