Forensic Accountancy Services

Forensic Access is pleased to offer a broad range of forensic accountancy services to assist the legal profession, regulators, law enforcement agencies as well as corporate, public sector and individual clients with contentious and non-contentious work in the UK and overseas.

We can provide forensic accountancy investigation services through our highly experienced Expert Witnesses to support criminal cases (for the prosecution or defence), for Civil Law and private cases. We accept work under Legal Aid and privately funded.

A dynamic team of highly experienced forensic accountants

To deliver our forensic accountancy services we offer a number of expert professionals with in-depth experience and an excellent, long-established reputation in a range of areas including high-value, complex and contentious investigations, litigation support and expert witness work.

In each case we can analyse the particular circumstances and present meaningful financial information in a clear and concise manner, producing authoritative opinions on, for example, reasonable economic measures of damages and loss or valuations, as well as explaining with clarity the nature and meaning of complex financial transactions and advising on compliance or preventative measures.

Our experts have a proven track record of operating within this complex area and have been called upon to deliver forensic accountancy services in a wide range of cases, including:

  • fraud and false accounting: including serious and complex cases (criminal and for private and civil investigations)
  • company accounting and auditing irregularities
  • tax and VAT investigations
  • money laundering
  • proceeds of crime (and in understanding what is legitimate income and what income could have been as a result of criminal activities)
  • confiscation proceedings
  • asset tracing
  • regulatory investigations
  • dispute resolution

In the main, our expert forensic accountants offer services in these particular key areas:

  • investigations: on cases ranging from international corruption to local employee fraud which may lead to both civil and criminal proceedings;
  • financial crime: we act for prosecutors and defendants in cases including money laundering, false accounting, proceeds of crime, insider dealing and general fraud and theft;
  • commercial disputes and litigation support: we provide expert financial analysis and opinion on contentious matters, including breach of contract, warranty claims, loss of profits and earnings, professional negligence, business interruption, partnership disputes, and intellectual property matters, including infringement actions and royalty determinations;
  • contentious valuations: we can also help value businesses and assets in contentious circumstances, for example shareholder disputes and matrimonial cases.

How can we help?

Our team of highly experienced forensic accountants, with its broad and varied range of skills is here to help you. We know that speed and confidentiality are often key parameters for businesses, organisations and individuals where these types of cases are concerned.

Our forensic accountancy experts are here to help you safeguard your assets, to protect /defend your corporate / personal reputation or to analyse this complex data to ensure Justice is done and is done correctly and sustainably.

From an initial briefing our experts will investigate the financial data that is available, identifying the key issues and developing the forensic investigation strategy. Initial investigations may need to locate additional data and documentation, before an analysis can be made in order to provide or support an opinion or hypothesis.

Forensic accountants: criminal & civil law cases, prosecution or defence, for industry & individuals. Independent expert forensic accountancy

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