Drug Crime & Drugs Of Abuse

Forensic Access offers a wide variety of forensic science services for crimes and suspected crimes involving controlled drugs.

Drug crimes cover a variety of case types and an even wider variety of forensic science disciplines are called in to help with such cases. For example, recently, Forensic Access has supported cases involving:

  • production of (and conspiracy to produce) cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA) and other amphetamines, and other controlled drugs classified under the Misuse Of Drugs Act)
  • cultivation of drugs
  • supply of controlled drugs
  • possession of controlled drugs
  • possession with intent to supply controlled drugs
  • confiscation proceedings

The following is a list of the types of examinations and reports we have been asked to undertake for cases involving drugs:

  • examination of quality and/or condition of cannabis plants (including for potential infestations, diseases, etc.)
  • purity/strength analysis
  • comment on the yield/potential yield of cannabis cultivations
  • comment on alleged clandestine laboratories and associated chemicals and equipment examination and analysis of powders and tablets
  • assessments of drug strength (purity)
  • valuations of a variety of drug substances
  • medical use of cannabis
  • fingerprints on wraps “baggies” and other forms of drugs packaging, and on drugs paraphernalia and other items found at crime scenes or associated with a suspected crime
  • DNA on a wide variety of potentially drug related objects (as above)
  • examination and comparison of drugs wrappings to investigate links between seizures and/or scenes
  • drugs on money (to determine if elevated levels of drugs were present)
  • handwriting
  • mobile phone cell site analysis
  • mobile phone contacts and contents analysis
  • computer examination
  • “sat nav” analysis
  • CCTV analysis
  • analysis of “drug language” texts found on mobile phones and in other written documents
  • scrutiny of seizure and analysis processes, for example with respect to continuity and anti-contamination measures, and discrimination ability of analytical techniques utilised

We can support cases involving drugs and this wide variety of forensic science disciplines in Criminal cases for the defence and prosecution or in Civil Law or private cases. We hold a Home Office drugs licence and have secure storage, vetted by the Police, for drug (or suspected) drug substances.

Drugs of abuse: forensic services for drug crime and drugs of abuse

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