Fingerprints & Finger marks

Forensic Access offers expert services in the recovery, preservation, enhancement, examination, identification and comparison of fingerprints.

A person’s fingerprints are truly unique – the only human trait that can be guaranteed to be so: DNA can be identical in the case of identical twins.

Therefore, fingerprints are an extremely important forensic science evidence type and one of the oldest and most well used.

Forensic Access’ fingerprint experts have a great deal of experience of working at senior levels, on a wide variety of cases, for both the prosecution and the defence.

Our fingerprint services include:

  • fingerprint identification, including the holistic assessment of evidence and its significance and its relationship with other forensic evidence
  • Crime Scene Examination: recovery and preservation of fingerprint evidence from crime scenes
  • specialist development and enhancement of fingerprints, including digital imaging
  • design of forensic fingerprints facility, plus advice on construction, staffing and management
  • examination of Fingerprint Bureau processes and procedures, including Quality Management to ISO standards
  • training of fingerprint examiners: design and provision of courses to a wide range of professional audiences
  • Expert Witness testimony to Courts
Fingerprints and fingermarks: expert forensic services

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