Firearms, Ammunition, Ballistics & Weapons Services

Forensic Access can offer an extensive range of expert forensic services for cases (prosecution and defence) involving firearms, ammunition, ballistics and other weapons.

Our firearms service is provided by highly experienced forensic firearms examiners and we offer the following:

  • weapons classification (for example, offensive weapon categories)
  • firearms classification
  • specialist firearms examination & assessment, including conversions & deactivated weapons/firearms
    ammunition examination
  • bullet and cartridge case comparisons
  • range determinations (distance of fire)
  • specialist technical advice
  • crime scene attendance and examination
  • expert opinion – wound potential & lethality
  • training and awareness in forensic firearms
  • ballistic / firearms crime scene reconstructions (including 3-D “walk throughs” to assist with presentations in Court)
  • evaluation of wounds and injuries and comment on possible causation by use of particular weapons
  • advising on the Legislation of firearms and weapons
  • report preparation and statement writing
  • expert testimony in Court

We are currently designing additional firearms and weapons services (such as function testing, determination of muzzle energies, CS canister work and examination and assessment of stun guns) and we will update this list as these services become available.

Forensic firearms services from Forensic Access

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