Questioned Documents and Identification & Comparison Of Handwriting & Signatures

Forensic Access offers a comprehensive service in the scientific examination of questioned documents and in the identification and comparison of handwriting and signatures. Our forensic document examiners have a wealth of experience working for criminal prosecution, criminal defence and also in civil and private cases.

Our document examiners use their detailed observational skills to analyse documents in order to determine authenticity and detect forgery and counterfeit documents. In many cases this involves analysing the handwriting on suspect documents and comparing to reference handwriting. Our forensic expertise is used in a wide variety of casework, including fraud, malicious communications, deception and forgery. We can work on almost all document types, for example threatening letters, diaries, handwritten notes, cheques, official documents (applications for passports, citizenship, benefit claims, wills, etc), etc.

Our Questioned Documents Services

Our primary documents services include:

  • signature comparison: authenticity and forgery
  • handwriting analysis and comparisons
  • identification of document author
  • sequencing and relative dating of entries and documents
  • identification and comparison of all types of printed documents
  • examination of office machines including printers

Forensic Access is frequently called upon by the defence, the prosecution and private individuals to assist with cases involving documents, handwriting and signatures. We have been contracted to help on a wide variety of cases, including:

  • immigration cases
  • fraud
  • perjury and perverting the course of Justice
  • making a false representation re Social Security
  • a variety of civil matters
  • money laundering
  • importation of controlled drugs
  • appeal against conviction
  • drugs manufacture
  • forgery
  • divorce proceedings
  • overseas elections
  • conspiracy to defraud
  • visa applications
  • possession with intent to supply class A drugs
  • indecent or offensive communications

Reports, Statements and Court Attendance

Our document examiners can produce their results in most forms requested by the customer. This could be, for example, a report or Court-going statement.

All of our questioned document forensic scientists are trained Expert Witnesses and have many years of experience at presenting evidence in Court.

Forensic services for Questioned Documents and Identification & Comparison Of Handwriting & Signatures - expert services from Forensic Access

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