Forensic Review

Our approach to defence work is customised to our customers’ requirements and to the needs of each case that we review.

Initially, we will ask for the case files / papers, briefings and prosecution statements where available, plus any other materials (such as photos, CCTV footage, etc.) that may support our forensic review.

Our forensic review service can then include:

  • undertaking paper reviews of the case: reviewing and critiquing the original results and their interpretation
  • carefully reviewing the possibility of any contamination of the evidence / exhibits: at the crime scene, by the CSI or even in the laboratory
  • re-examining exhibits already examined by the prosecution
  • identifying and examining exhibits not originally reviewed by the prosecution
  • scientifically testing alternative scenarios
  • providing new avenues for scientific investigation
  • offering advice on the use of new forensic science technologies
  • visiting and examining the crime scene
  • preparing full forensic review reports, as specified by the client, and preparing Court-going statements;

We can work very closely with both the defence solicitors and barristers in cases and can offer the following services, depending on your needs:

  • organising and carrying out case conferences, to discuss the results of our forensic review and what the results mean in the context of the case
  • briefing barristers, lawyers, CPS, defence/prosecution legal teams, etc.
  • presenting our scientific evidence in Court
  • supporting barristers, during Court proceedings, forensic science advisers

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