Dr Robert Ardrey BSc, PhD

Specialism: the interpretation of drug contamination on banknotes, mobile telephones and motor vehicles, purity determination and impurity profiling of illicit drug seizures and the analysis of drugs and their metabolites

Bob Ardrey joined the Central Research Establishment of the Home Office Forensic Science Service (FSS), as it then was, in   1974 and spent 12 years running the Mass Spectrometry section with responsibility for the development of mass spectrometry and chromatographic methods for the analysis of evidential materials associated with casework, particularly drugs and their metabolites and for the collection of reference mass spectra for use within the FSS.

In July 2007 he retired as a Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science having spent 15 years in the Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences at the University of Huddersfield and has become a consultant to the IPOS (Innovative Physical Organic Solutions) Unit at the University providing and developing analytical methodology based on chromatography (gas chromatography (GC), high-performance liquid chromatography (LC) and ion chromatography) in isolation or in combination with mass spectrometry (MS) for a wide range of analytes. Bob is also Senior Research Fellow within the Forensic and Analytical Sciences Research Unit at the University of Huddersfield.

Bob is a founder member of ‘Triple A Forensics’ together with Dr Alex Allan (q.v) and Pete Ashton. Triple A Forensics was set up in 2008 to use their extensive expertise to provide consultancy services in forensic toxicology, the analysis of drugs of abuse, analytical method development, training in the theory and utilisation of spectroscopic (particularly mass spectrometry) and chromatographic techniques, and quality aspects of laboratory operation. The company can also call on a number of experienced consultants to extend the range of expertise that can be offered.

Bob has been a consultant with Forensic Access since 2005 and the cases he has reported include over 40 involving the interpretation of drug contamination on banknotes, mobile telephones and motor vehicles after seizures under the Proceeds of Crime and Misuse of Drugs Acts.

Bob’s forensic science expertise:

The use of GC-MS and LC-MS for the analysis of drugs and drug related materials (metabolites, synthetic impurities, cutting agents)

The interpretation of analytical data relating to banknotes, mobile telephones and vehicles contaminated with illicit drugs (ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, THC, amphetamine) and cutting agents

The interpretation of the significance of cutting agents and impurity profiles associated with seizures of illicit drug samples The provision of mass spectrometry and chromatography training.