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Forensic Access offers all aspects of toxicological analysis and medical examination/review, including the effects of toxins on behaviour.

We provide a comprehensive review and extensive analytical capability for a wide range of forensic casework in which toxicology expertise is required. Our experts review cases comprising a major toxicological element such as:

  • Poisonings (deliberate or inadvertent) in murders, manslaughters and suspicious deaths
  • Drug-assisted sexual-assaults (DASA)
  • Factitious administration of substances (formerly known as Münchausen-by-proxy cases)
  • We can also thoroughly review and provide an extensive analytical service for cases of adulterated foodstuffs and drinks
  • Determining a subject’s likely alcohol concentration from a given consumption of alcohol
  • Addressing ‘laced’ drink or ‘hip flask’ defences
  • Alcohol Technical Defences
  • Cases of drunk in charge eg. where an individual did not intend to drive until their alcohol level dropped below the prescribed limit
  • In other types of forensic cases where the involvement of alcohol, drugs, medicines and poisons is indirect, we can also assess whether or not the analyses carried out were adequate and, if necessary, suggest and carry out additional or confirmatory

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