Scene Reconstruction

Scene Reconstruction

Our experts offer a full firearms scene service where they are able to provide valuable intelligence regarding the events that have occurred.

This can include the identification and recovery of firearms related evidence that can identify, for example, the type or number of weapons that have been discharged. Scene reconstruction can also help establish how far the weapon was from the target and the trajectory of the shot(s), which can help determine the position of the firer and injured party at the time that the shots were fired.

In addition to attending the scene of a shooting, our experts can attend the post mortem, where they are able to assist with wound interpretation and the identification of entry and exit wounds.

Scene examination also covers attending business and residential premises where it is alleged that imitation firearms have been converted or weapons or ammunition have been manufactured. This includes the examination of tools to establish whether they have been used in any part of the manufacture or conversion process.

Scene Reconstruction Experts

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