John Smith: forensic photographer, specialism: forensic photography & imaging, including at crime scenes. Forensic Access independent forensic scientists

John Smith BSc, MSc, MFS

Specialism: forensic photography and forensic imaging

John is one of the UK’s leading experts in the area of forensic photography. Since 2007 he has been employed as a Senior Lecturer in Imaging Science at the University of Westminster and independently as a Forensic Imaging Specialist. John’s University work includes teaching the scientific principles and applications of imaging systems. He has over 23 years experience in various technical and scientific photographic departments. He has an excellent understanding of all aspects of analogue and digital photography. His particular expertise in Forensic Imaging includes image analysis, crime scene examination and recording, evidence location and recovery (including fingerprints, footwear marks and other marks, blood, body fluids and other trace evidence types) using light sources, photography and image processing. He has a wide knowledge of relevant international standards and protocols with experience of the accreditation of photographic methods to ISO 17025.

John was previously employed as a Forensic Scientist (Imaging Specialist) within the Serious Crimes Unit at the Forensic Science Service’s (FSS) London Laboratory (1997 – 2002), and as a Technical Specialist (Forensic Imaging) at Forensic Alliance Ltd (latterly LGC Forensics) (2002 – 2007). John established Forensic Alliance’s Imaging Services to become a comprehensive service across numerous labs, using both analogue and digital photography; film and paper processing; general and specialist photography and the production of visual aids for court. At LGC he was instrumental in establishing fingerprint development and recovery as a service integrated within the forensic laboratory.

John has a BSc (Honours) in Photographic and Electronic Imaging Science and an MSc in Digital & Photographic Imaging. He is a member of the University of Westminster’s Computational Vision and Imaging Technology Research Group, the Fingerprint Society, the International Association for Identification and the Imaging Science and Medical Groups of the Royal Photographic Society. Throughout his career, he has been lecturing at universities and training law enforcement, forensic and security services in the UK and overseas. He is a regular participant in the meetings of the International Fingerprint Research Group and meetings of the UK Home Office with academia and industry. John has built up a worldwide professional network of contacts relevant to his specialist areas.