Kay Scott

Firearms Forensic Scientist

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Kay is a highly experienced Firearms Expert who, prior to joining Forensic Access (formerly ArroGen Forensics), worked as part of a national firearms team covering all of Scotland. Whist in Scotland, she was involved in the successful implementation of the National Ballistic Intelligence Service (NaBIS).

Kay is our Firearms Technical Lead, ensuring that all aspects of the quality of our work and services comply with the ISO 17025 standard to which we are accredited. She carries out all aspects of ballistics work, including the examination and interpretation of crime scenes and attendance at post mortems as well as classification, range of fire determination and trigger pull calculations. Her role at Forensic Access has involved working on many cases for the British Armed Forces, which has given her much experience of military issue weapons as well as wound interpretation. She has worked on a number of high profile cases including internationally in both Afghanistan and Kenya.


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