Proficiency Test Rounds Now Available

We now have Proficiency Test kits for Scheduled and On Demand rounds (click on the names to find out more).

Quality Accreditation

In November 2017 we were awarded accreditation to “ISO/IEC 17043:2010 Conformity assessment — General requirements for proficiency testing” for our Biological Materials Scheme (for identification of blood, semen and saliva on swatches of material and exhibits). You can see the scope of the accreditation on the UKAS website: Forensic Proficiency Testing Services ISO 17043 Accreditation.
We have also submitted applications for ISO 17043 accreditation for our fingerprints and digital forensics schemes.

Scheduled Rounds

Scheduled Rounds are available for a fixed time only, with a deadline to return your results. Our report of your performance will include an inter-laboratory comparison of all other participants (anonymised).

Body Fluids on Exhibits
This range of tests aims to emulate casework type exhibits, allowing the participating laboratory to test their complete forensic procedures from receipt of exhibit to obtaining laboratory results, in relation to their ability to search, locate and identify body fluids, namely blood, semen and/or saliva.
Product Accredited to ISO/IEC 17043:2010
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On Demand Rounds

On-Demand Rounds are available over a much longer period. They are also ideal for internal training, competency testing and validation exercises.

Computer Hard Drive
This Computer Hard Drive Proficiency Test has been designed to test the proficiency of participants in:

  • the imaging of a computer hard drive
  • searching the imaged data for specified file content

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Mobile Phone Data
This kit consists of a USB flash drive containing files extracted from 2 different mobile phones, plus other supporting files. Two different kits are available in this Round offering Standard and Enhanced options, reflecting different types of operations undertaken in digital forensics labs.
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Bespoke Proficiency Tests

We offer a Bespoke Proficiency Test service, where we design and manage a Proficiency or Competency Test Round according to your own requirements. We can offer closed rounds for you to run in-house only, or we can invite other interested organisations to also take part so that we have the chance of producing a meaningful Inter-Laboratory Comparison report.

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please contact FPTS.

Validation / Training / Competency Testing Kits

Some of the FPTS products are ideal for organisations carrying our validation, training or competency testing. For example, our Biology Scheme: “Identification of body fluids on swatches of material”.

We can supply many of the FPTS products as validation, training, competency testing items. Many of these can be tailored to your own needs, frequency, etc. Please contact FPTS if you wish to discuss this in more detail and to see how we can assist you.

Latest news from FPTS
10 April 2018: New “Search, Location & ID of Body Fluids” Scheduled Round PT Now Available (until 29 June 2018)

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