Roger Robson: UK’s leading forensic scientist for trace evidence, specialising in textile fibres and hairs and broad range of forensic techniques

Specialism: textile fibres & hairs and scientific advice on broad range of forensic techniques

Roger Robson is Managing Director of Forensic Access. As well as having a track record in management (Head of Homicide + Cold Case Reviews, and Head of Operations – LGC Forensics), he has also been a practising scientist since 1977, working for three main forensic providers. He has a broad range of skills and specialises in crimes involving textile fibres and hairs where he is recognised for his work on many of the highest profile cases in the UK including: Sarah Payne, Lynnette White, Damilola Taylor, Lesley Moleseed, Jill Dando, Kate Bushell, the Simon Hall Appeal, Peter & Gwenda Dixon – and a current caseload including 4 cold cases and 3 Appeals.

Roger’s forensic science expertise

  • the examination of crime scenes, especially murder scenes
  • the recovery of trace evidence using 1:1 mapping
  • directing and conducting detailed laboratory work on exhibits and samples
  • the examination of textiles and other fibres
  • analytical comparison of dyes and polymers
  • the identification and comparison of human and animal hairs
  • industrial enquiries including sourcing of items and sourcing contamination
  • the assessment of the significance of scientific findings in the context of the case
  • the presentation of both written and oral evidence to courts
  • giving advice and undertaking reviews for unsolved cases and Appeals

Roger has lectured extensively abroad whilst representing the FSS and LGC Forensics. He chaired an international forensic working group, sat on the Steering Group for the ENFSI Fibre Group producing published technical and scientific papers including co-author for European Guidelines in Forensic Examination of Fibres. He is now actively involved in offering independent advice on the more difficult cases in the UK and occasionally abroad.