Sophie Park: forensic scientist specialising in DNA profiling & other aspects of forensic biology for: sexual offences, murders, assaults, violent crimes

Sophie Park BSc, MSc

Specialism: forensic biology & DNA profiling

Sophie began her training as a forensic biologist at Forensic Alliance Ltd (now part of LGC Forensics) in 2000. She then moved to the Forensic Science Service, where she completed her training in body fluids and DNA profiling and became part of the Homicide team at their London Laboratory. As a forensic biologist, Sophie has worked on numerous cases involving serious crimes including murders, sexual assaults, kidnappings and violent crimes.

Sophie’s fields of expertise are:

  • Directing and conducting the examination of exhibits for biological evidence such as blood, saliva and semen
  • The interpretation of DNA profiling results (SGM+ and DNA-17), including complex mixtures
  • The interpretation of blood patterns on clothing and weapons
  • The examination and interpretation of textile fibres evidence
  • The examination of weapons and comparison with damage to clothing
  • The assessment of the significance of scientific findings in the context of the case
  • The preparation and presentation of both written and oral evidence to Courts of Law
  • Conducting training lectures

Sophie is Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at London South Bank University and she carries out scientific research with the aim of developing existing methods used in forensic investigations and providing empirical data for use in scientific evidence evaluation. Her research interests include the transfer and persistence of DNA, the transfer and persistence of textile fibres, textile fibre populations and blood patterns analysis.

Sophie has previously provided forensic consultancy for media organisations including the BBC and creative agencies.