During the free CPD-accredited webinar James Shackel from our Firearms & Ballistics team and James Beard from our Biology team will provide insight into the current Forensic Marketplace; the submissions process, how fragmentation of services affects your cases and the shortcomings of Streamlined Forensic Reports (SFRs).

There will be discussion around current guidelines, the lack of clarity surrounding SFR usage, and plenty of case studies to help illustrate the key issues so that you can better understand when to challenge SFRs.

Defence professionals will leave with a broader understanding of how evidence gathering, investigation and reporting can impact prosecution arguments and provide an incomplete picture of the true scientific evidence, potentially preventing defendants from mounting a proper defence.

Time Subject Speaker
18:00 Introduction and Welcome to Forensic Access James Beard
18:05 Crime Scene to Courtroom: Understanding Streamlined Forensic Casework Processes & SFRs James Shackel
19:00 Close  

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Date and Time

May 27 2021, 6:00pm