During the free CPD-accredited webinar our Group CEO Professor Angela Gallop CBE will provide insight into the changing forensic landscape illustrated with case studies to help defence professionals get a better understanding of how and when evidence can be challenged.

Professor Angela Gallop will draw on over 40 years’ experience at the forefront of forensics to unpick common scenarios when evidence can be successfully challenged in court including: Faulty Scientific Interpretations, Legitimate Alternative Explanations, Legitimate Alternative Sources and Being Blinded by Statistics.

Defence professionals will leave with a broader understanding of how and when to challenge scientific evidence in order to build a more robust defence strategy. 



Introduction and Welcome to Forensic Access   Debbie Rushton
18:05  Why Challenging Scientific Evidence Matters  Professor Angela Gallop
19:00   Close    

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Date and Time

June 23 2021, 6:00pm