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16 April 2018
Forensic Access and ArroGen Forensics have agreed to merge their operations to create a powerhouse of high quality forensic support for police and legal teams, and forensic science providers who need additional capacity and cutting-edge specialist skills. The merger process and senior appointments for the new company ‘Forensic Access Limited’, are expected to be finalised by the end of April.

Read more by downloading the Press Release on Merger Of Forensic Access and ArroGen Forensics.

Forensic Access was established by Professor Angela Gallop and other highly qualified Home Office forensic scientists to provide proper advice and guidance to defence lawyers for a better balance of forensic science expertise at court, and second opinions for police in cases of uncertainty or concern.

Over the years we have continued to provide high quality forensic science services to lawyers and to police forces, making substantial contributions in many high profile cases, for example the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the “Coastal Path” murders.

We also specialise in supporting Civil Law cases with a range of specialist forensic science services. Forensic Access has an unassailable track record, delivering our breadth of services from our quality accredited forensic laboratories.

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