At the Heart of Forensic Science since 1986.

Forensic Science Expertise Supporting Criminal Law

Forensic Access Limited was established by Professor Angela Gallop in 1986 to provide proper advice and guidance to defence solicitors for a better balance of forensic science expertise at court, and second opinions for police in cases of uncertainty or concern.

The merger with ArroGen Forensics in 2018 has created a powerhouse of high-quality forensic provision for police and legal professionals covering a broad spectrum of the forensic marketplace. In addition to our prosecution casework, which includes specialist ballistics, fingerprint development and marks teams, we are one of the leading providers of forensic services to defence solicitors and barristers. Our breadth of expertise allows us to cover all forensic disciplines, including those less frequently encountered “niche” services. 

We have a reputation for providing forensic science of the highest quality and, over the years, have made substantial contributions in many of the most high profile cases including the Stephen Lawrence and “Coastal Path” murders.

Our experts are at the top of their field and all have many years of experience with unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in supporting lawyers and legal professionals. They will ensure that customer requirements are fully understood and assess and interpret the findings impartially having taken into account all the available information. Our scientists will review and challenge the evidence and regularly have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and we hold and maintain the relevant standards: ISO/IEC 17025, including the special requirements of ILAC G19, and adherence to the Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice and Conduct in relation to forensic testing activities.