At the Heart of Forensic Science since 1986.

Forensic Science Expertise Supporting Criminal Law

Since 1986, Forensic Access Limited provides proper scientific advice and guidance to defence solicitors. Together, we ensure balance of forensic science expertise in court, and second opinions for police in cases of uncertainty or concern.

The company forms part of the Forensic Access Group, along with IntaForensics, Alecto Forensics and most recently, Analytical Services International.

The Group covers a wide range of forensic disciplines, including:

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Forensic Access is one of the leading Forensic Science Companies in the UK.

We have a reputation for providing forensic science of the highest quality and our team of expert forensic scientists have many years of experience and have presented evidence in court in a wide range of cases.

Our casework managers handle the cases from start to finish and they build and develop relationships with legal professionals and forensic expert witnesses. Acting as a single point of contact for solicitors, the casework managers will be able to provide guidance regarding realistic timeframes, the type of forensic experts required, if we can assist on a multi-disciplinary case and providing two quotes and drafting justifications for the Legal Aid Agency.

Beyond Forensic Science Services, we provide forensic training for police officers, students, legal professionals and expert witnesses.

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Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Our forensic services are conducted to the highest quality and our UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories in firearms and ballistics, forensic biology and our Fingerprint Recovery Laboratory, which is the only UKAS accredited unit outside of police forces in the UK.

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