Digital Forensics

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Digital Forensics

Digital devices have become a part of everyday life and digital evidence is becoming increasingly common in the prosecution and defence of serious crime. Offenders such as terrorists, drug dealers and child abusers are becoming increasingly reliant on computers, phones and social networks to communicate and organize themselves. While the digital traces are helpful, it also means a huge amount of time can be spent sifting through data.

Digital forensics involves the imaging, examination and presentation of evidence from digital media for use in a court of law. It’s a complex area of forensics as digital evidence can be fragile and there’s often only one chance to ‘get it right’. Hence, it’s essential to use highly skilled experts, working to robust quality standards in order to maintain evidential integrity.

While technical data plays a lead role in digital forensics it’s just as important to understand how the findings can help shape your defence strategy. At Forensic Access our experts question how? and why? to examine all possible explanations and identify strengths and weakness.


Digital Forensic Services

Digital forensics covers a lot of ground including: computers, mobile device evidence, tapes, cameras, CCTV examination, media cards, USB memory devices, drones, satellite navigation devices, email accounts, dark web, social media and open source investigations.


Digital Forensics Expertise

Forensic Access boasts a world-class team of forensic scientists operating in state-of-the-art facilities. All forensic work is carried-out to the highest Quality Standards.

All defence work is handled by dedicated Casework Managers who provide end-to-end support and streamlining. Direct access to our team of scientists helps barristers and solicitors to prepare a more effective defence strategy, and all expert witness reports are thoroughly documented and peer reviewed.

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