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At Forensic Access, we’re always on the lookout to expand our team of Expert Witnesses.

We pride ourselves on working with the best in-field experts and we have a history of longstanding partnerships with experts across the forensic spectrum. What’s more, we have firmly established relationships with UK-wide criminal defence firms who hold similar values to ours – excellence, quality and integrity.

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About Us

We are a leading provider of forensic science services to the Criminal Justice System. Building upon the success of Oxfordshire-based Forensic Access with over 100 staff scientists, we are continuing to rapidly expand our geographical footprint both in the North and the South of England, with an unrivalled external team of over 300 forensic experts across the country.

What We Can Offer

Administration and Quality Control

You will be supported by our dedicated Casework Management team who offer end-to-end assistance with administrative tasks, from requesting relevant case papers to report proofreading and deadline management. This will free you up to dedicate your entire focus and attention to the science at hand.


You will be provided with one point of communication between yourself and the legal team. Our Casework Managers ensure that our Expert Witnesses receive documentation, records and data in good time, whilst also sifting through case bundles to save you time from the initial enquiry right through to court appearance.


Our Casework Managers are on hand to set up any appointments related to a case, including assessments and case conferences, so that you don’t have to! We only assign our experts work, based on their specialisms and capacity, and provide lead times as long as possible.


Our dedicated marketing team ensure that we receive a steady flow of enquiries in key areas with controlled and targeted material. They help to raise awareness about your expertise and specialist services through regular news and events targeted at solicitors and barristers.


We employ robust finance processes which are in place to ensure that payments are made promptly for our experts’ services for all cases, including those funded by legal aid.

Information Security

At Forensic Access, we pride ourselves on abiding by the Forensic Science Code of Conduct, whilst also adhering to data protection regulations and GDPR laws. We understand the importance of both case confidentiality and confidentiality surrounding our experts.

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If you would like us to consider your expert services, please send your CV to or get in touch with our casework management team: 01235 774870 for more information.

Join our growing network of forensic consultants with a range of different forensic disciplines, including: 

Forensic Consultants

A photo of Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

Forensic Scientist (Biology)

A photo of Sophie Park

Sophie Park

Forensic Scientist (Biology)

A photo of Ann Kiernan

Ann Kiernan

Senior Forensic Scientist (Firearms)

A photo of Dr Kate Barr

Dr Kate Barr

Forensic Document & Handwriting Expert

A photo of Dr Virginia Fitzpatrick-Swallow

Dr Virginia Fitzpatrick-Swallow

Forensic Pathologist

A photo of Dr Stuart Hamilton

Dr Stuart Hamilton

Forensic Pathologist

A photo of Dr Alexander Kolar

Dr Alexander Kolar

Forensic Pathologist

A photo of Dr Brett Lockyer

Dr Brett Lockyer

Forensic Pathologist

A photo of Simon Adams

Simon Adams

Forensic Scientist (Footwear)

A photo of Raymond Evans

Raymond Evans

Facial Image Comparison

A photo of Sarah Jacob

Sarah Jacob

Forensic Scientist (Marks and Trace Evidence)

A photo of Dr Obed Bekoe

Dr Obed Bekoe

Consultant Psychiatrist

A photo of Alan Gore

Alan Gore

Fingerprint Expert

A photo of Iain McArthur

Iain McArthur

Forensic Audio and Video Enhancement

A photo of Sarah Tarrant-Wooding

Sarah Tarrant-Wooding

Forensic Scientist (Toxicology)

A photo of Christopher Watts

Christopher Watts

Computer Forensics

A photo of David Martin

David Martin

Veterinary Surgeon

A photo of Nicola Hickling

Nicola Hickling

Expert Witness Lipreader

A photo of Bob Sherwood

Bob Sherwood

Dog Breed Identification and Behaviour Expert

A photo of Dr Evelyn Gillies

Dr Evelyn Gillies

Forensic Document & Handwriting Examiner