Blood Pattern Analysis

Blood Pattern Analysis

Forensic Access has specialist expertise in blood pattern analysis (BPA) and offers the leading forensic training courses for practitioners at all levels, including our Advanced BPA Course.

The presence of blood staining, together with subsequent DNA analysis, can greatly assist in establishing whose blood is present on an exhibit or at the scene of a crime. However, in many cases, the key question will be the manner in which the blood was deposited or what action or activity led to the blood loss. BPA, the analysis of the appearance and distribution of bloodstains, can greatly assist in establishing the activities that have taken place.

At the scene of an assault, the appearance and distribution of bloodstains can help establish factors such as the site of the assault(s), the number of blows that were struck, whether blood has been cast off of a weapon and where the victim and assailant were positioned during the assault. It can also give an indication of the likely extent of bloodstaining on the assailant. The blood pattern analysis can greatly assist in directing which blood stains to sample for further testing. For example, drops of blood leading away from the site of the assault may indicate that the assailant was also injured during the assault.

Blood pattern analysis on clothing and other exhibits such as weapons can greatly assist in establishing what part a suspect may have played in the assault. For example, there may be alternative propositions that either the suspect assaulted the victim or the suspect was simply a bystander, perhaps going to the aid of the victim. The distribution of blood on clothing and footwear can help establish which of these propositions is the most likely.

Forensic Access provides a regular programme of highly regarded BPA training courses. These range from basic through to advanced level and are suitable for all forensic practitioners including Crime Scene Examiners and Forensic Scientists of all levels of experience. We are also able to tailor our BPA courses to meet individual requirements.

Our BPA Services include:

  • Examination of BPA at scenes of crime
  • Laboratory-based examinations of items for blood and BPA
  • Enhancement of bloodstains including with luminol
  • Evaluating the nature of bloodstain patterns, including possible actions that may have caused them e.g. assailant bystander defence
  • Developing and delivering professional training courses in BPA and awareness lectures and workshops.

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