As DNA profiling techniques have become more sensitive, it has become easier to detect DNA and to obtain DNA profiles.  However, the increased sensitivity also often leads to mixed profiles, which require expert interpretation.

It also means that DNA matching an individual can be detected on an item without the person having had contact with the item directly.  Consideration of transfer and persistence can, therefore, be critical in assessing the significance of the findings in the context of the case.  In addition to the DNA results themselves, the interpretation of the DNA findings will also need to take into account other considerations such as the body fluid testing that has taken place, the distribution of body fluid staining, the degree of contact between individuals and the continuity of the collection and preservation of the evidence.

DNA Analysis

Forensic Access is able to offer a wide range of DNA solutions, including analyses and interpretation of simple and complex results. The types of testing we offer range from the mainstream used in the majority of casework worldwide, to more specialist techniques including the use of specialist statistical interpretation.

The range of services we offer includes:

  • Full case review and expert witness services
  • Standard and low template DNA profiling
  • Y-STR testing
  • Mitochondrial DNA testing
  • DNA interpretation, including specialist techniques and statistical evaluation
  • Expert opinion on the attribution of a DNA profile to a particular body fluid
  • Transfer and persistence of body fluids and DNA
  • CPD accredited awareness training and bespoke professional training packages for barristers and solicitors


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