Body Fluid Analysis

Body Fluid Analysis

The presence, or absence, of body fluids such as blood, semen, saliva and urine can be of significance in a variety of different crime types, including assaults and sexual offences, and the correct identification of a body fluid is critical. Forensic Access is able to search for and identify the full range of body fluids as well as providing a comprehensive case review service.

Whilst the presence of a body fluid may in itself be of relevance, the evaluation of the findings will often need to consider the distribution of the staining. For example, Blood Pattern Analysis can help establish whether an object has been used as a weapon or simply come into contact with wet blood or whether an individual was the assailant or a bystander. It can also be used for scene interpretation to establish the events that have taken place. The distribution of other body fluids such as semen and urine can assist in the evaluation of alternative prosecution and defence scenarios, particularly in sexual offences cases.

In most cases, it will be important to establish who the body fluid has come from via DNA profiling. A full interpretation of the findings will need to take into account not only the DNA results but also the body fluid tests that have taken place together with the distribution of that staining.

Forensic Access has leading experts in body fluid and DNA interpretation as well as blood pattern analysis.

Our services include:

  • Full case review and expert witness services
  • Scene examinations
  • Body fluid analysis and interpretation
  • Laboratory examinations in a DNA controlled environment
  • DNA interpretation, including specialist techniques and statistical evaluation
  • Expert opinion on the attribution of a DNA profile to a particular body fluid
  • Transfer and persistence of body fluids and DNA
  • Blood pattern analysis including scene and laboratory based examinations
  • Blood pattern analysis training for multi-agency law enforcement practitioners
  • CPD accredited awareness training and bespoke professional training packages for lawyers

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