Fingerprint Recovery and Examination

Fingerprint evidence is one of the oldest forensic disciplines and still one of the key biometric identification tools used in modern crime investigation. Its ability to uniquely attribute an individual to a mark on a surface has been an intrinsic method of connecting people to items/offences.

It does however rely on two fundamental requirements; marks must be recovered from items or locations and identifications made between marks must be reliable and be able to withstand scrutiny. These two activities, Recovery of marks and the verification of identifications are both services Forensic Access offer with our Fingerprint Recovery Laboratory being the only UKAS accredited unit outside Police Forces in the UK.

Our laboratory undertakes prosecution, defence, and corporate work to recover fingermarks from items connected to all crime types, from murder to drugs offences. The recovered marks can then be provided to the customer or examined by our Fingerprint Identification experts. We are also able to review previously examined identifications to assess the validity of conclusions.

In addition to what are traditionally thought of as ‘fingerprint’ marks our experts can also analyse and evaluate any portion of the inner surface of the hand and fingers/thumbs for identification purposes, along with the underside of the feet and toes. 


Fingerprint Services

Fingerprint Investigation Services Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation and Verification of marks

Location & Orientation To help establish how fingerprint marks were deposited including analysis of ‘how’ and ‘when’ marks were deposited

Fingerprint Recovery  Using optical and chemical processes to recover fingerprints

Technical Photography Advanced digital imaging techniques to capture and preserve fingerprints

Combined Fingerprint and DNA Services Joint accredited examinations for both disciplines

Identification verification Expert opinion on the validity of fingerprint identifications

Evidential Reviews Multi discipline reviews of evidence to advice regarding forensic strategies


Fingerprint Expertise

Forensic Access boasts the only UKAS accredited private fingerprint recovery laboratory in the UK ensuring all forensic work is carried-out to the highest Quality Standards (including ISO 17025). It is uniquely placed in offering both defence and prosecution services within this discipline.

All defence work is handled by dedicated Casework Managers who provide end-to-end support and streamlining. Direct access to our team of scientists helps barristers and solicitors to prepare a more effective defence strategy, and all expert witness reports are thoroughly documented and peer reviewed.

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