Forensic Chemistry 

Forensic Access covers the full range of chemistry disciplines enabling the examination of evidence including fingerprints, tyre or footwear marks, trace evidence such as paint and glass fibres, and fire and explosive materials. In addition, Forensic Access is unique amongst independent forensic science providers in having its own Fingerprint Enhancement Laboratory, accredited by UKAS to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Moreover, our unique ability to work hand-in-hand with our in-house biology team means that we are perfectly placed to handle multi-disciplined cases. We truly are a single Forensic Service Provider for multiple forensic requirements.

The team can conduct both initial examinations on as yet unexamined items, as well as further examinations for items that were previously examined by other scientists for the prosecution.

Not all casework requires (re)examination however, and our experts will be able to provide advice on the appropriate course of action, using the available case information to consider and investigate all issues, and ensure that a comprehensive independent evaluation is completed and you receive the impartial advice required.


Forensic Chemistry Services

  • Fingerprints
    • The enhancement of fingerprints and submission of recovered marks to IDENT1, the National Fingerprint Database.
  • Footwear
    • The comparison of footwear impressions from scenes with items of footwear.
    • The examination and comparison of footwear marks on bodies and clothing.
    • Enhancement and recovery of footwear marks at scenes.
    • Podiatry: “foot in shoe” examinations to establish the habitual wearer of items of footwear.
  • Glove and Tyre Marks
    • The comparison of the recovered glove and tyre marks with gloves and vehicles.
  • Trace Examination
    • The recovery and comparison of paint, glass, fibres and other trace material.
  • Toolmarks
    • The examination of marks and comparison with tools such as bolt croppers and screwdrivers to establish whether a particular tool has made the mark.
  • Damage
    • Examination of damage on clothing and other items to establish the cause of the damage and the instrument used to cause the damage.
  • Fires and Accelerants
    • Examination of scenes, vehicles and clothing to establish the origin and cause of the fire and the use of accelerants.


Chemistry Expertise

Forensic Access boasts a world-class team of forensic scientists operating in state-of-the-art facilities. All forensic work is carried-out to the highest Quality Standards which is especially important when working with fingerprint and trace evidence as well as fire investigation and explosive materials.

All defence work is handled by dedicated Casework Managers who provide end-to-end support and streamlining. Direct access to our team of scientists helps barristers and solicitors to prepare a more effective defence strategy, and all expert witness reports are thoroughly documented and peer reviewed.

To find out more about our forensic services Tel: 01235 774870 to speak with a member of our team or fill-in our online contact form.

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Sarah Jacob

Sarah Jacob

Forensic Scientist (Marks and Trace Evidence)

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Simon Adams

Forensic Scientist (Footwear)

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