Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis

Cell site analysis is the process of reconstructing the general location and movements of a mobile telephone. This can show if a phone was in proximity to a scene of crime at a specific time, or not.

It is often the case that the defending solicitor and barrister will have received a significant amount of mobile phone information, including a call schedule, movement maps and analytical tables, with statements by a police analyst and/or expert witness.

They need to know if the Crown’s propositions are accurate, if the call event data has been correctly interpreted, and if there are other scenarios that also fit the data. For example, does it also support the defence statement?

Cell site analysis examines the data from the mobile network operators to help establish the general location and movements of a mobile phone. The data may be used to consider if the location or movements are consistent with a crime scene, alibi location, CCTV or ANPR sightings. Patterns of use, contacts and locations may be used to confirm or refute the attribution of a mobile to a named individual.

The phone records are prevalent in many serious crimes including “County Lines” drug dealing cases, theft, burglary, assaults, murder, and other conspiracies.

Communication is an essential part of modern life, whoever you are. Both individuals and groups often use mobile phones to connect with voice calls, send and receive text messages, or connect to the internet and use “Apps”, predominantly for communication.

The sources of communications data come from the network operators, or from physical examination of the phone and SIM card themselves. Analysis of call event information can show who you were in communication with, at what time, the type of communication and the area you were located in.

Analysis of the phone memory can reveal the content of text messages and for a typical Smart phone, the content of WhatsApp messages too. At times location information can also be extracted. This gives an expert an opportunity to confirm or disprove contact and location at specific times. It may also be combined with information about vehicle movements.


Cell Site Analysis Services

Processing of original call data records using the class leading software programme CSAS (Cell-Site Analysis Suite) developed by Forensic Analytics Ltd. CSAS provides data examination at speed and scale for multiple call data sets.  CSAS will cleanse, de-duplicate and normalise data sets, enabling them to be organised and ordered chronologically, to be analysed, mapped, and used in the preparation of evidential reports.

  • The preparation of call data in evidential or analytical formats including showing calls between target phones.
  • The preparation of maps showing the movement of an individual phone, or a set of phone numbers, in user defined time periods.
  • The preparation of maps showing the measured coverage of specific cells detected during Radio Frequency surveys.
  • The provision of exhibits that show analytical results as tables and charts, for example activity by hour in a given district postcode area, or contacts common to a group of phone numbers.
  • Analysis showing the most used cells, overnight cells, collocation, geographic separation to help prove / disprove attribution.
  • A combination of call tables, location maps, analytical exhibits, and a comprehensive explanatory report, that records the methodology used, the examinations carried out, a critique of the prosecution evidence, and findings with expert opinion, to assist the solicitor and barrister with the defence case.


Cell Site Analysis Expertise

Forensic Access boasts a world-class team of forensic scientists operating in state-of-the-art facilities. All forensic work is carried-out to the highest quality standards.

All defence work is handled by dedicated Casework Managers who provide end-to-end support and streamlining. Direct access to our team of scientists helps barristers and solicitors to prepare a more effective defence strategy, and all expert witness reports are thoroughly documented and peer reviewed.

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