Solving The ‘Unsolvable’

Under Angela’s leadership, Forensic Access completely re-invented scientific investigation in the most complex and difficult cases. Its scientists devised new approaches to finding critical evidence and maximising analytical opportunities. This proved extremely successful in unlocking some of the UK’s most high profile and difficult cold cases cases including Lynette White (The Cardiff Three), Damilola Taylor, Rachel Nickell, Stephen Lawrence, and the Coastal Path and related murders.

Using High Quality, Innovative Science

With the demise of the Forensic Science Service in 2012, Forensic Access’s role as a guardian of high quality, innovative forensic science is more critical than ever. Its new Specialist Forensic Services initiative provides investigators with the broadest range of scientific expertise, and enables its scientists to develop and combine different types of science in imaginative and cost effective strategies. It is the ideal forensic partner for cold cases, complex cases and/or historic cases.

For independent world class forensics