You are invited to attend our upcoming webinar: Forensic Drug Analysis - The Role of Expert Opinion in Assessing Cases, presented by Ryan Francis, Forensic Drugs Consultant for Forensic Access.


Ryan utilises his years of practical experience in the field as a former laboratory-based scientist and now as a consultant and will discuss the role a forensic scientist plays in the field of forensic drugs, along with an overview of relevant legislation and types of testing encountered.

During his time with Forensic Access Ryan has been involved in many cases, five of which will be discussed to give examples of how referring your case to Forensic Access could lead to a greater understanding of the facts and a clearer picture of evidence.
The cases highlighted involve many key areas in modern drug related cases which include:

  • Cannabis yield estimations
  • Drug valuations
  • Covert drug language
  • The use of algorithms to estimate quantities of drugs supplied by a drug line
  • Changes to the legislation of Forensic Drugs

This webinar represents an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge in the field of forensic drugs analysis and gain a deeper understanding of the way a forensic expert may benefit a case you are involved in.

Upon completion of this webinar, please contact us at for your CPD certificate. 

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