Forensic Pathology

Forensic Access offers expert forensic pathology services from experienced medical personnel and Home Office Registered Forensic Pathologists.

Forensic pathology is a specialist branch of pathology (“the science of the causes and effects of diseases”) and is concerned with the investigation of deaths or injuries in cases of suspected crime, such as woundings, murder, sexual assaults, etc.

In England & Wales the Home Office maintain a list of “Home Office Registered Forensic Pathologists”. The Home Office register of forensic pathologists is a list of forensic pathologists who meet the criteria for registration as detailed in ‘The Process and Criteria for Recommendation for Admission to the Home Secretary’s Register “the register” of Forensic Pathologists’. In Scotland, there is a different system which operates under the Procurator Fiscal. Only these registered forensic pathologists may carry out post mortem work in cases of suspicious death.

Forensic Access is frequently called upon by the defence, the prosecution and private individuals to assist with cases involving forensic pathology. The cases with which we can assist are not only on deceased persons, but also on the living. Our most common types of cases include:

  • assaults
  • Actual Bodily Harm (ABH)
  • child cruelty & child abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH)
  • murder / manslaughter
  • rape & sexual assaults
  • wounding

These cases usually involve us investigating, for example:

  • causation of injuries
  • comment on force used to cause injuries or
  • examination of photos of injuries
  • post mortems and 2nd post mortems
  • reviewing post mortem reports

We are very privileged to work with a number of medical professionals and forensic pathologists.

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