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Pathology: Second Post Mortems

In the United Kingdom, there is a list of Registered Home Office Pathologists who carry out post mortem examinations in cases of suspicious death.

Whilst their role is normally associated with establishing the cause of death, their expertise also extends to commentary upon the nature of causation of injuries in the living. In addition to suspicious deaths, the Forensic Pathologist can, therefore, assist in a wide variety of cases including assaults, sexual offences, child cruelty and domestic abuse.

In order to establish the cause of death, the Forensic Pathologist may need to consider the results of other work such as Toxicology, or other forensic discipline such as ballistics. There will also be cases that require more specialist skills such as Neuropathology (brain injuries), Osteopathology (involving bones) and Ophthalmology (involving eyes). In cases involving children, it is regarded as best practice to involve a Paediatric Pathologist in addition to the Forensic Pathologist.

Forensic Access works with some of the UK’s most experienced Home Office Pathologists as well as offering the complete range of experts for the more specialist cases.

Our services include:

  • Post mortems and second post mortems
  • Reviewing post mortem reports
  • Neuropathology and other specialist services
  • Injury causation 

Forensic Pathology & Second Post Mortems Experts

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