Forensic Toxicology For Criminal Justice, Civil & Private Cases

Forensic Access offers a broad range of forensic toxicology services, forensic toxicologists and toxicology expert witness services. We can assist organisations involved in the criminal prosecution and defence sector, and also businesses and private individuals. We also support Coroners and the Coronial Service.

Forensic toxicology involves the analysis of body fluids for alcohol, drugs, medicines and poisons and related substances.

Behavioural effects
Forensic toxicology can assist in determining if an individual was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of an incident. We can analyse body fluids, typically blood or urine, to show if any substances are present in the body.

A forensic toxicologist from Forensic Access will not just report what was present, but will provide an in-depth interpretation of the results and explain things in simple terms. Typically the forensic toxicologist will give comprehensive explanations of the substances present, how they change in the body (metabolism) what effects these substances may have on an individual, and whether the individual could have been experiencing the effects of these substances at the relevant time.

Involvement in sudden or unexplained death
The work of the forensic toxicologist can also assist in determining if alcohol or drugs were present in cases of sudden or unexplained death. We can analyse a wide range of samples including blood, urine, liver and other body tissues and hair to help determine what substances were in the deceased’s body at the time they died. Forensic toxicologists at Forensic Access will assess the samples available and determine the most appropriate analysis depending on the circumstances.

Which substances?
Our forensic toxicologists can assist in cases involving a wide range of substances, such as:

  • alcohol
  • drugs of abuse – illegal substances under the Misuse Of Drugs Act, and ‘legal’ substance including new psychoactive substances not yet classified (NPS)
  • medicines and pharmaceutical preparations
  • poisons
  • volatile substances
  • natural products

Case types
We offer our forensic toxicology and expert witness services for criminal cases (for defence cases and prosecution cases) and for civil cases or private investigations. We work for cases funded by Legal Aid or privately funded and for the Coronial Services (Coroners).

We can support all types of cases where forensic toxicology and the work of an expert forensic toxicologist may help. For example:

  1. Road Traffic Act: driving under the influence of alcohol (“drink driving”) or drugs (“drug driving”): for example, for individuals, where you need your “B sample” analysing to give you peace of mind;
  2. Road Traffic Act: “Hip flask defence” and Alcohol Technical Defence (ATD): if drinking has occurred after an incident, we can undertake alcohol calculations to assist in determining the situation at the time of the incident;
  3. Sexual offences: we offer a comprehensive toxicological analysis service which includes a wide range of substances implicated in drug facilitated crime. We can also perform complex alcohol calculations to determine the likely effects of intoxication;
  4. Major crime including homicide and violent crime: have both victim and suspect been subjected to the same toxicology analytical testing? Is there a specific substance that should be covered?
  5. Child custody cases: toxicological analysis can help determine if a carer is using or abstaining from drugs;
  6. Private cases: for example, if you suspect a family member or employee is using drugs.

Why use Forensic Access?
Forensic Access is pleased to offer an enhanced toxicology service whose experts can provide:

  • some of the country’s leading, highly experienced, forensic toxicologists;
  • independent forensic toxicology expertise – we can assess and interpret the prosecution evidence in criminal defence cases;
  • provision of an independent, thorough, in-depth report;
  • assessment of whether the prosecution analysis is suitable and comprehensive enough;
  • further or repeat forensic analytical work if a paperwork review suggests this might be beneficial;
  • toxicology experts who are very experienced at giving evidence in Coroners, Magistrates and Crown Courts
Forensic toxicology services: drink driving, drug driving, drugs of abuse, alcohol, sexual offences

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