FAQ July 11, 2020 2m

By Forensic Access

We're often asked questions around Forensic Access and how we work with Legal Professionals to provide our Forensic Expert Witnesses and Forensic Science Services. To address these on a much wider scale, we've been including an FAQ on our end of month newsletter. For those of you who are not subscribed to our newsletter, here's a few answers to our top questions.

Do Forensic Access work to legal aid rates?

Yes, we work to Legal Aid rates in most cases we are able to provide two quotes to save you time contacting multiple suppliers.

Do you accept private work?

Yes, we are happy to take on private work on private cases so long as they come through a Solicitor.

What are the turnaround times at Forensic Access?

Our standard turnaround times are 3-4 weeks. If your case is urgent, speak to your casework worker as we can work with you to meet Court deadlines. We even had a case turned around in 24hrs.

Can you cover cases nationwide?

We are based in Wantage, Oxfordshire.  We work nationally (and internationally!) and have a large network of forensic and medical experts across the country.

What Information do you need to provide a quote?

For all cases a case summary, a copy of the crown expert report and the questions you would like the report to address are needed to provide your bespoke quote.

How long will it take for you to get a quote?

In the vast majority of cases, provided we have everything we need to assess the case we aim to have a quote back with you within 48hrs so you can apply for prior authority.

Are you able to re-examine exhibits if counsel request it?

If a re-examination is required by counsel, we can facilitate this. We offer a nationwide courier service to collect and return the items.


To find out more about services offered by Forensic Access fill-in our online contact form (add link under text) or Tel: 01235 774870 to speak with our team.

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