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Solicitors Beware: Unaccredited Experts Used in Firearms Forensics

The use of unaccredited and poorly regulated police “experts” in firearms investigation continues. T…

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Questioning the Validity of Forensic Evidence

by Kendall Platt and Paul Southwood, Forensic Access.


“There is a need to review and challenge t…

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International Women's Day at Forensic Access

It was International women’s day last weekend (8th March 2020) and this year’s theme is #EachforEqua…

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Interpreting Digital Forensics: Five things you should know about Digital Forensics in 2020

Kendall Platt from Forensic Access discusses digital forensics and how legal professionals can maxim…

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Forensic DNA Profiling

Dr Philip Avenell, our Managing Director and Forensic Biologist, talks about the developments of DNA…

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