Forensic Anthropology

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Forensic Anthropology

Our Forensic Anthropologists are RAI (Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland) certified forensic anthropologists of levels I, II and III who are available to attend scenes and do post-mortem examinations in a mortuary and laboratory setting. They provide expert opinion on adult and juvenile human remains in different states of preservation, including those which are skeletonised, burnt, highly decomposed and dismembered.

The forensic anthropologist can also offer expert opinion on the recovery and analysis of buried and unburied human remains from a wide range of different contexts.

Case Types

Case types they may assist with include:

  • Homicides
  • Suicides
  • Accidental deaths
  • Unexplained deaths
  • Mass fatality incidents
  • Cold case reviews
  • Fatal fires
  • Formal exhumations

They can also assist with cases of child abuse and neglect by identifying and interpreting stress indicators in the skeleton and evidence of traumatic injuries.

How can forensic anthropologists assist at a crime scene?

At the scene, forensic anthropologist will distinguish between animal and human bones and make an assessment as to whether they are ancient or modern. If required, they can facilitate radiocarbon dating of remains. 

The analysis of human remains also includes assessing the biological profile of the deceased, which means providing information on the ancestry, sex, age, and stature of the deceased. The forensic anthropologist will also record any individuating features on the bones and teeth which might assist with positive identification, including past injuries and pathological conditions.

Our forensic anthropologists and archaeologists frequently work together to locate, document, recover and identify remains from scenes such as building and vehicle fires, mass fatality incidents, and clandestine graves. Collaboration of the forensic anthropologist with the archaeologist ensures that all bones, bone fragments and related evidence is identified, recorded and recovered. Following attendance at the scene or mortuary / laboratory, the forensic anthropologist will produce expert witness statements and reports as requested.

Our anthropologists will be able to advise, recommend and work alongside other specialists such as forensic archaeologists, odontologists, geophysicists, botanists, entomologists, and other environmental scientist types to provide a fully managed ecology service.

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