Forensic Archaeology

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Forensic Archaeology

Our CIfA accredited archaeologists attend scenes and provide expert opinion on the search, location, recovery of human remains and other evidence types such as weapons caches. 

Forensic Archaeologists use archaeological techniques to search for, excavate and record clandestine graves, other buried remains and a wide variety of crime scenes, either recent or those associated with cold cases. They methodically survey, draw and record scenes at every stage of an investigation, ensuring that all evidence and exhibits are securely located and recorded so that no information is lost during the process. Their skills in excavating the buried remains, in collaboration with forensic anthropologists, are invaluable in making sure that all available evidence and information is gathered and recorded correctly, ensuring this information can later be relied on in a court of law

Our forensic archaeologists can assist police investigations such as murder, suicide, unexplained deaths and mass disasters, and can attend, search, identify, document and recover from scenes such as:

  • Building fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Building collapses
  • Mass fatality incidences
  • Unburied remains
  • Clandestine graves
  • Formal cemetery exhumation
  • Outdoor search locations

Together they are able to advise, recommend and work alongside other specialists such as forensic anthropologists, odontologists, geophysicists, botanists, entomologists, and other environmental scientist types to provide a fully managed ecology service.

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