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By Forensic Access

It was International women’s day last weekend (8th March 2020) and this year’s theme is #EachforEqual. We’re proud to announce that most of our team here at Forensic Access are women. With that in mind we thought we’d do a who’s who, to celebrate their achievements and let you get to know them a little better.


And, before you ask, the pose that some of the team are doing is the 'Each for Equal' symbol - the equals sign. #EachforEqual #NotTheHandJive


Lizzy Gunning - Biology Casework Manager & Biology Lab Support

‘My proudest career moment was sourcing a Cognitive Neuroscientist to examine the report of a facial recognition expert for one of my customers. As you can imagine these experts are highly specialist and I had to work strategically with my contacts in the industry to make sure I found someone of the highest calibre.’


Kendall Platt - Business Development Manager

‘I’m pretty lucky actually as I get to have proud moments all the time in my role. Every time a customer asks me to cast my eye over some case papers and advise on the most appropriate expert or what areas might be suitable to challenge, I feel a huge sense of pride.

I’ve also had the privilege to present at the Gordon Museum of Pathology (a very unique place!), speaking about how to get the most out of forensic evidence in a case and what it means for the clients.’


Erinn Auld - Fingerprint Examiner

‘My proudest moment was getting my job at Forensic Access last year (2019). Forensic science is a notoriously competitive industry, so the fact that I am now working in my dream role for one of the industry leaders makes me intensely proud of myself.’


Sarah Jacob – Footwear Forensic Scientist

‘One of the stand-out moments of my career was identifying a flawed prosecution case during a glass defence examination. Through trawling police paperwork and re-examining items, I discovered two issues which when combined meant I could not rule out contamination as being the source of corresponding glass on the defendants clothing. The case against the defendant was dropped.’


Kara Pirie – Trainee Firearms Forensic Scientist

‘Having been told throughout school and then again throughout university “you aren’t going to get a job in forensics” or “you’ll just have to settle for something else after this”, I am extremely proud to have worked hard and pushed for what I wanted. I am now in my dream role working towards a very interesting and diverse career.’


Sue Bradbury – Prosecution Casework Coordinator

‘I wanted to be doing meaningful work that makes a real difference. Forensic Access have provided me with the opportunity to do real work that is having an actual impact.  I’m working with very experienced professionals and our cases are being delivered successfully which is giving me great satisfaction knowing that I have helped achieve this.’


Agne Skwarczewska – Fingerprint Enhancement Expert

‘My proudest moment was when my career changed from an office-based role, to working full time in science. I moved into the fascinating world of fingerprint enhancement and applied chemistry, and I haven’t looked back’


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