Forensic CCTV, Image & Video Analysis & Enhancement

We offer a wide range of forensic services around analysis and enhancement of CCTV and video footage and presentation to the Courts.

Image Enhancement / CCTV Footage Enhancement

At first viewing CCTV footage can often appear to be of poor image quality, a quality sometimes not sufficient to see some of the fine detail needed to make an adequate assessment of the events. Our CCTV forensic experts, using a wide variety of forensic imaging technology, can help to improve the quality and clarity of these images. This CCTV image enhancement can be used on video footage or to capture enhanced stills from certain key parts of a CCTV recording, for example to see if a person is carrying a gun, weapon, etc. or to see more clearly a car’s registration plate. Image enhancement can often make a significant improvement to CCTV footage.

Facial Comparisons

A key part of our work is the comparison of CCTV / video footage showing an individual(s) and comparing the images to other CCTV or stills photographs. Using a range of forensic techniques we can provide detailed reports showing key features of the comparisons we have made. This work can also involve “facial mapping” as described below.

Facial Mapping

Forensic facial mapping is used to help in the process of comparing two or more images from CCTV video footage or still photographs, to give a scientific basis to a facial comparison. Our forensic facial mapping experts are leaders in their field and use a variety of techniques to compare facial features and present their findings clearly to the Courts. We have used facial mapping to help prove and disprove identity.

Event Tracking

CCTV imagery can often be very confusing, especially in situations where there are a large number of people or vehicles, for example, in the footage. Our forensic experts can help clarify the development of events by placing markers on key individuals, vehicles, etc. as an incident progresses. This makes it much clearer to investigators, solicitors, barristers and, of course to the members of the Jury, when used in Court.

Presentation To The Courts

All of our forensic CCTV and imaging experts are trained Expert Witnesses, having many years of experience at presenting this often complex evidence in Court. We are particularly skilled at preparing the evidence for Courts to make it as clear and as unambiguous as possible for a Jury. We can also prepare 3D presentations for Courts and present these in either stills of “walk-throughs” of areas.

Forensic CCTV and video imaging services for the Courts

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