Digital and Facial Image Comparison:


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Digital (mobile phones, and computers etc)

Evidence from digital devices is often the major part of a wide range of investigations, including indecent image cases, serious organised fraud, murder and others.

Data stored on computers, tablets, mobile telephones and satellite navigation systems can provide a wealth of information that can be used to build a comprehensive record of a user’s activities. This includes internet history, Email at both the client and server end, social networking records, instant messaging and chat, pictures and videos and satellite navigation data.

Cell site analysis examines the data from the mobile service providers to help establish the location of a mobile phone and who may have been using it at the relevant time.

Forensic Access provide a comprehensive digital service including the following:

  • Phones and mobile devices: extracting SMS, Email, internet records, information from apps and cached data from cloud-based services
  • eDisclosure: a comprehensive service using the latest analysis software
  • Forensic Data Recovery: recovering data from otherwise unreadable or damaged hard drives or from corrupt files systems
  • Cell Site Analysis

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